Scottish half-marathon raises £1251

I’m pleased to say the Scottish half-marathon was a very successful experience, both in terms of funds raised and the running itself. Great to meet on the day with fellow Cure Parkinson’s fund-raisers Lauren and Laura ( pictured ). A time of 1 hour 51 minutes and 5 seconds was pleasing, and hopefully some reward for the weeks of preparation. An unforgettable day in the congenial surroundings of the East Lothian coast. My “Just Giving” page was continued to the end of November and raised, for the Trust, an eventual total of £1251. I am really grateful to all of you who donated towards the invaluable work of this charity and made the whole exercise more than worthwhile. Merry Christmas to everyone and please keep downloading/ordering the CD as I shall be continuing to support Cure Parkinson’s Trust via the “Float like a Butterfly” project.